Feature-rich telephony that enhances communication and increases productivity

If you’re running an organization that still relies on traditional phone lines for communications, you’ll soon find that when your business grows, you’ll need a system that can handle the added call volume, extension lines, and bandwidth. In addition to that, routing customers to the right department fast is crucial in providing superior customer service.

But when you say goodbye to traditional phone lines, you are also bidding farewell to dropped calls, choppy voice quality, and expensive long-distance charges. Migrate to Genesys’s VoIP service to improve communication and also increase your organization’s productivity. VoIP lets you make and receive calls over the internet, which means your team can work remotely and stay connected to clients and co-workers easily and more affordably.

Genesys’s VoIP helps you:

  • Save money with a flat service fee
  • Stay connected anywhere
  • Use conventional phones without investing in new ones
  • Attend important meetings from anywhere
  • Choose where calls are forwarded

Productivity-enhancing features of our VoIP service include:

  • Auto Attendant – let your clients decide which department they want their calls transferred to
  • Find Me/Follow Me – program calls to be transferred to a preset list of numbers and finally to voicemail
  • Call Queueing – queue calls, set announcements, and inform callers of their place in the queue and estimated wait time
  • Hold Music – have music or an advertisement promoting your business while callers wait
  • Call Recording/Monitoring – track and analyze call quality and customer service performance

What’s causing communication breakdowns in your organization?

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